Motor Trend Tests the New Corvette Z06

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2015 Corvette Z06

Motor Trend seems to have all the fun. They get Ferraris, Porsches and all other sorts of super exotica. They were also able to score one of the first drives of something hugely powerful from ‘Murica. The brand-new Corvette Z06. Determining from the video below, the car is heroic.

The new Z06 takes the place of the previous-generation ZR1 … for now. The ZR1’s LS9 had been the most powerful engine GM had ever built … that is until the 650-horsepower and similarly ridiculous 650 lb-ft LT4 came to town.

However, this car isn’t just meant to launch itself forward and only go straight meteorically fast. This car, like its baby brother, the Stingray, is set to show the world that the U.S. can build something other than a drag car.

2015 Corvette Z06 Drifting

There is one problem, though. The base price is $79,000. The car Motor Trend tested, however, went for a full $26,000 more. That means the Corvette you see engaged in opposite lock costs a total of $105,000. That might be a little too much for any new Corvette, until you remember it performs like a $200,000 car.

Hopefully we can get in it for our own review soon.

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