How Many Delivery Miles Did Your Corvette Have?

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Is there a point where a new Corvette has too many delivery miles for you to consider it ‘new’?

When it comes to buying a new car, you’re never going to find a machine with zero miles on the odometer unless something shady is going on. Cars have to be driven off of assembly lines, into storage lots, onto trucks, around dealer lots, and more. But just how many miles are average to see on a new Corvette?

Art17” attempted to tackle this question in the C7 forum, and it made us think.

Just how many miles appear on a new Corvette’s odometer when it hits the dealership, and is there a point when a new Corvette has too many miles to be “new” anymore?


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With dealer trades, test drives, and even potential short drives for custom dealer work like window tinting or small performance upgrades, miles can add up. The thread has a fair number of responses, and most offer low milage figures, but we wanted to open this up to the community as a whole. People have been buying new Corvettes for decades, so why should the C7 guys have all the fun?

We have two polls posted below, and we would love to have your input. The first is how many miles did your new Corvette have when it was purchased. We are referring to first owners here. There is an option for all those “new to me” buyers, as well, if you want to participate. The second poll is about a top-mileage number. If you were to walk into a Chevy dealer today to just grab a Corvette off the lot, how many miles would be too many to consider a purchase?

If clicking a poll button isn’t enough to express your full opinion on the matter, please feel free to jump into the thread and give us some more nuanced reasoning. We think this topic is pretty fascinating and we want to hear everything you have to say.

How many miles did your new Corvette Have?

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How many miles is too many for a Corvette to be a "new" car?

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