2nd Fastest C7 Z06 Already in the 9s!

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There’s no doubt that the C6 Z06 has been the Corvette to have at the strip. Builds from Carlyle Racing and Race Proven Motorsport show just how quick the 6th iteration can be at the drag strip. But it is starting to become apparent that the C7 Z06 may now be the one to have. This one is built by the previously mentioned Race Proven Motorsport, and it’s a hot-modded 2015. How well is it built? Well, it’s currently the second fastest C7 Z06 in the world. And it bears mentioning that despite appearances, those C5 Z06 rims certainly get the job done. Weight is the enemy, and those rims make for a quick, inexpensive, and effective fix to the rotating mass problem.

The parts build of course includes an RPM camshaft (what better way to promote your own craftsmanship?), as well as headers, slicks, and a few other go-fast bits and pieces. The BigKleib34 video below showcases some runs at Cecil County Dragway. Lots of you follow RPM closely and know that it has nitrous, but these passes were all-motor. It manages a [email protected] miles per hour, which puts it just 0.02 seconds off from being the fastest C7 Z06 around.

What will RPM do next to get that fraction of a second? We’re all waiting to find out!

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Via [BigKleib34]

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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