National Corvette Museum Under Fire for Racetrack Noise

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We’re certainly hoping the parties involved get this resolved fast. Namely, because we feel that the new racetrack at the National Corvette Museum is now a vital part of the facility. There certainly is no question that it’s helped to attract more people to the NCM.

Of course, that by no means is intended to belittle the concerns of some residents who (along with Warren County) have decided to file a lawsuit against the NCM over the amount of noise coming from the Motorsports Park, as highlighted in the WBKO report below.

But NCM officials clearly seem to be working to address the problem, including building a berm with trees and putting up some noise abatement near the edge of the property that houses the racetrack.

That however, seems to be doing little to ease the tension with the Residents Against Motorsports Track Noise, the group protesting the noise at the track.

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