National Corvette Museum Gets Fake Bomb Threat

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I certainly hope they catch the culprit in this one.

Joke or not, any idiot that calls the police and says he’s holding five hostages at the National Corvette Museum for $50,000 needs to be found and dealt with immediately. And by dealt with, I mean charged with the severest penalty allowed by law.

Police in Bowling Green are still looking for the man who made such a call last week. Fortunately, police quickly learned it was all a hoax, but not before the caller told authorities he’d kill everyone at the museum and that a bomb would go off if he didn’t get the money, according to a WBKO report.

More than 50 employees had to be evacuated from the museum until police had a chance to check everything out.

The number from which the prank call was made was traced back to a computer generated telephone number, which will probably make it tough to catch the caller. However, if authorities are able to track down the culprit they could be facing a felony charge of “terroristic threatening second degree.”

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via [WBKO]

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