How-To Tuesday: Best/Worst Value Mods for C6 Corvette

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There is obviously a grain of opinion when it comes to discussing a topic such as the best and worst anything, but especially car mods. As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So please don’t send me hate-mail implying that I think there are trash C6 Corvettes on the road, ok?

For example, I’m pretty sure that the resale market of the green monster above might be limited to a handful of folks. Like maybe Lloyd Christmas?

So what are some examples of the best and worst value modifications for the C6 Corvette? Well, let’s start with extreme custom exterior modifications. I’m all for giving your Corvette that special look that can set it apart from the next guy at the car show. But generally speaking, unless you are planning on passing the car down to your children, adding the Fast and Furious wing, custom body kit, and painted hood flames would fall in the worst value modification category. Personally, I would hope to drive fast enough that the flames would become real and I could start over with a nice big insurance claim check.


A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: does the mod increase or decrease the ease of selling the car, if I should choose to do so?

Typically considered a good value modification for the C6 or just about any Corvette, is a high performance exhaust set up. There is certainly varying opinions on what looks good from one person to the next, but everyone should be able to find something that catches their eye. High performance exhaust systems typically help increase horsepower while giving your car a different exhaust note at the same time. Very difficult to go wrong in this category.

Take a read through this article, which is a great starting point. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the list. What would you add to each section, best and worst value?

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