Naturally Aspirated Corvette Sets New Record

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With a trap speed of nearly 200 mph, this all-motor monster is one seriously impressive C5.

Sometimes you want to skip all the drama. Sometimes you don’t want to see a nine minute video of specs and walkaround of a car. Sometimes you just want to see the most badass cars haul down a drag strip with the kind of power that should turn the world backwards. That is why we are bringing you this video.

Eddie Blackwell drove his C5 Corvette to a new world record when he hit 191 mph in the half mile. After five more runs, all clocking in over 190 mph, Blackwell broke his own record with a pass of 194.21 mph. You are looking at the fastest, naturally aspirated LS half-mile speed.

Oh yeah, did we forget that naturally aspirated part earlier? No silly forced induction witchcraft here, friends.

This Vengeance Racing-built beast has been making the news rounds since the historic run, but we found you a fresh and pristine video that covers the race. With less than 400 views at the time of this writing, this 3-minute slab of noise and sexy Corvette action is all yours to enjoy.

As much as we love seeing crazy turbo builds and massive superchargers, there’s just something magical about a pure motor-only build that gets our blood pumping. Plus, getting to hear a 7.4-liter LSX at full yell is enough to make us smile for hours.

So, crank those speakers all the way to 11 in celebration of this 1100 horsepower Corvette. Then sit back and enjoy this monumental C5 in action. Then, do like we did, and enjoy it about three more times in succession.

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