New Callaway C16

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Forum member, “Callaway Chris” from Callaway Cars started a thread in C6 General Discussion showing off Callaway’s latest creation: a Night Race Blue Metallic C16. The photos show the car all finished and ready for shipment. 

As noted this Callaway is Night Race Blue and it comes with a dove grey leather and alcantara interior with blue contrast stitching (the Deutschleder Interior). Additionally, this C16 includes the optional carbon fiber interior group and all optional equipment, standard. On the exterior, the customer opted to go with the standard Callaway Corvette hood rather than the C16 hood. 
It is rated at 650hp and 600lb-ft of torque and will do zero-to-sixty in 3.3 seconds to an eventual 207mph top speed. What’s the price of all this performance and style? A cool $225,000. And while the owner has several other high-end exotics he “appreciates the Callaway brand of performance.”
Check out the thread here.
Callway-c16-BackAngle-400x300a.jpg Callway-c16-engine-400x300.jpg Callway-c16-Interior-400x300.jpg Callway-c16-BackAngle-400x300.jpg Callway-c16-door-400x300.jpgCallway-c16-FrontAngle-400x300.jpg

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