New Grand Sport Keeping C7 Corvette Buzz High

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There’s just no containing the excitement around the new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport.

The praises for the new motorsport-inspired C7 have been piling up since making its recent debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Take, for example, a post on Corvette’s official Facebook page about the Grand Sport that’s been shared more than 8,000 times, prompting us to pull a few comments that capture some of the enthusiasm for the car.

Billie Ayers –  “Looks great and have you noticed that ford mustangs are TRYING to copy the body style. No prizes for 2nd place in the automobile race. Great job Chevy!!!”

Lowell Ray – “Now THIS looks like a Grand Sport! Nice to see Chevy stepping up to swing with the Italians in LOOKS as well as performance! Kudos!”

Margaret Lomax  – “Time to trade my 2003 Corvette in!!!”

Michael Evans – “This Vette looks Scorching Fast just sitting there in that awesome color. Whats to not like about it? Go Chevy.”

Sonny Burns – “Beautiful. The paint color is perfect!”

Andre Brewster – “Oh my”

Ken Fuerstenhaefer – “One word ‘amazeballs'”

John Soric -“Luv Luv Luv it! I want it now.”

Russell P Landers – “LOOKS VERY FAST!!”

Bliz Fourtwozero – “Such glorious beauty!!!”

Paul Coates – “Too good not to share sunglasses emoticon 😎 ”

We agree Mr. Coates, the Grand Sport’s future looks bright, indeed.

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