Does the New Z06 Have Some QA Issues?

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2015 Corvette Z06 Delivered (34)

Here’s the thing: When you’re spending close to $100,000, you would expect the fit and finish of a car to be damn near perfect. Or at least most of us mortals feel that way, since we don’t exactly have that kind of cash to drop on a toy.

That, however, is the exact opposite experience one of our forum members had when he went into his nearby Chevy dealership to check out the new Z06.

According to hyteck9, he went into the dealership, cash in hand, ready to purchase a new Z06 Corvette. However, when he got there, the car had quite a few finish problems. Like how the paint looked as if it was an orange peel, an effect that happens sometimes when the paint dries incorrectly.


Or how the the panel gaps weren’t properly aligned, making each panel seem to have a different gap.


Or lastly, how it looked as if the seat cover wasn’t correctly tightened to the frame, giving the seat an unbecoming, scrunched-up effect.


I know that Chevy and GM were hot to trot to get this car out on the lots and into people’s hands. However, these pictures, and some of the other comments we’ve been hearing about, seem to point to a general QA issue on these cars. Maybe they should’ve waited a few more weeks till they rolled them out?

Chevy and GM have done such a fantastic job at creating some of the best cars available today. It would be a shame if some QA issues clouded that fact. Well Chevy, what happened?

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