No Cost Air Pump Removal

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thing to do for no $$$ is to remove all the hoses/air tubes and the
diverter box that go to the air pump and the exhaust manifolds, and all
the associated brakets. You can cap off the manifold air tubes with 50
cent pipe caps from the hardware store. Removal of this alone will make
your engine bay 100% cleaner and easier to work in. You can safely remove
the two electrical connectors in the divertor box and tie them back
somewhere without throwing any codes. If you like you can also take the
air pump hole to the diverter box and block it off on the air pump, and
place a smaller pulley on the now nonfunctional air pump, although the air
pump really doesn\’t have much reciprocating mass to begin with. If your
air pump is making noise you can take it apart and remove the blades that
move the air and that may stop the squeaking. The main benefit is the
cleaner engine bay which you can accomplish by using the steps above
without having to buy an air pump eliminator kit or wasting time
engineering an alternative that wont really give you alot of gain.
this helps…
Although I have the air pump removal kit myself I
have assisted 3 others with L98 Corvettes do this process. Also, removing
the air pump doesn\’t seem to have a significant effect on emissions,
and you should pass easily if your engine is in good running order.

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