No More Squeaky Tops

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Banished squeaks from my top today.
First remove the trim from
the windshield header.
Next, loosen the mounts on the top itself,
front and rear.
Next, snug the top down normally, but leave the
front and rear bolts finger tight.
Then loosen both front
windshield mounts (the part on the windshield frame itself).
take a ride, and let the top jiggle around until it finds its happy place.
Then tighten the front mounts on the top itself.
tighten the rear mounting bolts.
Then tighten the rear mounts to
the top.
Then tighten front mounts on the windshield.
finish by tightening the top\’s front bolts completely.
Now, no
more squiggles.
If anyone is interested, I received some scans
of the top adjustment procedure included with replacement tops, and I\’m
assuming the factory service manual has it as well. I got them from a
fellow over at corvette action center, he was nice enough to scan and
email them to me.
Hope this helps you cure your insanity squiggle.

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