Paint Repair

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Ive been a motor head for 45 years…IM a detailer, waxer…. and
generally really anal about my cars… one nick.. stone chip upsets
me..Anyway after so many years .. yesterday i tried something on my C5
that impressed me…. anyway here it the simple tech tip…
To fix
a chip.. you have to clean out the chip.. with some precleano.. or even an
eraser… then take a small amount of touch up paint.. I bought a very
small paint brush at an artist supply shop.. the bristles came to a
point… I filled the chip with paint.. OK here is the tip.. I waited
about ten minutes for the paint to dry.. I took a fresh single edge razor
blade..layed it flat against the paint.. and cut through the repair..the
repair paint was still soft and it made a perfectly level paint repair..
.. with no dome effect.. after the paint dried i zanoes it… it is the
beat repair Ive ever seen for a paint chip

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