This Parking Phenomenon Needs to Stop

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A man walks into a restroom with a wide array of urinals. He sees someone he doesn’t know using the urinal farthest away from the door. That person obviously didn’t want to pee next to anybody. It would be very awkward and uncomfortable for the man who just walked in to use the urinal right next to the guy who was already there. Unless you like to watch the world burn, you just don’t do something like that. It’s basic man code. And parking needs to be respected the same way.


If you see a nice lonely car parked at the end of an empty lot, chances are it’s parked there because it doesn’t want to be next to anyone. The car just wants to pee alone. Those of us who like to park our cars in the empty spot out back have a reason why we do this: we simply love our machines and want to decrease the risk of damage caused by other careless car owners. Door dings make people angry. Don’t be the smarty-pants who decides it’s a good idea to park your beater directly next to America’s sports car. It is not an invitation. It breaks the automotive equivalent of the man code, and that’s not cool.

Have you experienced something like this before? Chime in on the conversation. And if you’re one of those jerks who happens to do this for fun, please stop. Let’s let lonely cars pee in peace in their own urinals.

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