Would You Pay $100k for This Corvette ‘Prototype Showcar’?

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In the world of custom Corvettes, there seems to be no such thing as too high of a price, even when the Corvette in question is probably not worth a tenth of what the seller is actually asking for. Take this 1969 Corvette “prototype showcar,” for example.


Now, I put the words “prototype showcar” in quotes because this doesn’t look like any type or form of prototype showcar I’ve ever seen. Rather it looks like it’s a mash-up of a Jeg’s parts catalog and a one off windscreen.


But of course, that shouldn’t stop anyone from asking $100,000 for this wonderful piece of Corvette class. Right?




The seller does say that it doesn’t need anything and it RUNS STRONG. Maybe I’d pay a grand or two, but certainly not $100,000. You’d have to be absolutely insane to fork over that kind of cash.

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