Custom Corvette Nomad Thing Going for $125k

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Sweet mother of Nomad customs, Batman! Look at this!


Words initially escape me while attempting to describe this custom Corvette. But how about we just start at the bottom?

First off, it’s a Corvette chassis and engine. By the looks of the interior, it’s a C5 Corvette. But that’s where all the similarities between this… this thing and a Corvette end.


It has Lamborghini style doors. A C1’s front bumper. Chrome wheels. An almost all red interior. A Supercharger, because you’ll want to speed out of anywhere you go in this just so no one recognizes you. And finally, a Nomad style rear end?


Who designed this work of “art”? A blind guy with an Etch-e-sketch on a bumpy road? The best thing about this car, and it’s really not that great of a thing, is that it isn’t a one off. It’s part of a series of eight cars total. That means, whoever did this series actually found eight individuals to fork out over $100,000 for these cars.

And somehow, it also managed to win awards as well, although I’m highly skeptical about that.


Now, you too can own one of these customs, 1 of 8 in a series of Nomad Retro Corvettes, for just $125,000. Yes, you read that right. This car, which can only be described as a monstrosity or an affront to nature, will cost you the price of a new Z06 and enough change to almost buy a Z/28 Camaro to go with it.

My last thought is just to burn it with fire, but hey, someone might want it.

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