PDR Video Gives You One Helluva Track View

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One thing’s for certain, the Corvette’s new PDR certainly has elevated the experience of enjoying the car — even for those who aren’t riding in the vehicle.

Another PDR video, shared here in a thread by Cyclone09Z06, captures the Senior Corvette Forum Member driving his stock Z06 with the Z07 package at Performance Driving Group HPDE at Homestead-Miami. And I have to say, watching him hit those turns with the GPS Tracking Map display and Steering Angle is almost as entertaining as riding shotgun.

OK, maybe not that good considering nothing beats having a chance to actually experience the track in a Corvette. However, the fifteen minute clip definitely gives you a different perspective on the experience, especially when you get to the five-minute mark and two more Z06s come roaring down that straightaway.

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