The Most Memorable Corvette Moments of 2014

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2015 z06 Detroit

When it comes to memorable moments, the Corvette definitely had its fair share in 2014, even a few most Corvette fans would probably like to forget. Bad or good, here’s ten things that stood out most in 2014 that should make their way into the Corvette history books.

1. Z06 Makes Detroit Debut – In a setting befitting of the iconic American nameplate, Chevrolet revved into 2014 with the unveiling of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 at the North American International Auto Show in the “Motor City.” Before one of the largest crowds assembled for an unveiling at the show, the Detroit automaker rolled out the new Z06, touting it as the fastest production ‘Vette ever.

Sinkhole 1.5 Millionth Corvette at National Corvette Museum (9)

2. “Magnificent Eight” Fall Victim to Sinkhole – In February, less than two months after the debut of the new Z06, Corvette quickly found itself in the spotlight again when a sinkhole swallowed eight display models at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. The natural catastrophe not only grabbed the attention of ‘Vette fans, but it also garnered the interest of many who didn’t know much about the car.

Z06 at Barrett Jackson

3. First Z06 Fetches $1 Million in Florida – Proving that its appeal in the world of collectibles is as big as its appeal in the world of performance, the new 2015 Corvette Z06 sold for a cool million at an April Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach, Florida. The winning bidder, however, came as little surprise, with NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick picking up another Corvette for his collection.

Don MacNamara Corvette

4. Rare Classic Sells for $725 K – In the midst of the Z06 going for one million dollars at auction, the 1967 Don McNamara Corvette 427/390 Coupe showed the power that classic ‘Vettes still yield among car collectors. At the Mecum auction in April, the ’67 coupe fetched $725K as the number one Corvette sold at the auction.

C7.R text image

5. The C7.R Takes the Track – A few months after making its debut at the Detroit auto show along with the Z06, Corvette racing celebrated the first track date with the C7.R racecar. One of the most memorable moments for the team, however, came in June when the new racecar made its debut at the 24 Hour of Le Mans and earned a podium finisher.

Classic Corvette Woodward Dream Cruise

6. Corvette Steals Show at Dream Cruise – With the buzz still high for the C7 rolling into the summer, the Corvette was clearly the star of choice for a lot of people who made it out for the 2014 Woodward Dream Cruise held in August. Just seeing all the Corvettes on hand for the 20th anniversary of the annual event, ranging from custom C7s to classic models, was pretty monumental in itself.


7. C8 Supercar Concept Comes to Life – Building on the growing popularity of the C7, news that Chevy is considering a true supercar to add to the Corvette lineup as a C8 set the sports car world a buzz. That excitement was intensified when Car and Driver magazine released a rendering in September suggesting what that top tier next-gen ‘Vette could possibly look like if it goes into production.

Z06 at Nurbg text

8. Z06’s Speed Officially Revealed – While it was already clear the new Z06 would be fast, no one actually knew how fast until news broke in October of the new model’s official 0 – 60 mph speed. The 2.95 second time not only signaled a new milestone for Corvette and Chevy, but also a new benchmark for the world of sports cars.

Vette vs. Viper text

9. Z06 Gets Beat by Viper TA – Despite some of the still lingering skepticism about the race, there’s no doubt that the video capturing the new Z06 losing to a Viper TA in a street race likely ranks as the most “infamous” events for Corvette in the 2014. One thing’s for certain, it’s definitely a moment in history that both Chevy and Corvette fans would probably like to put behind them.

2015 "LT4" 6.2L V-8 AFM VVT DI SC (LT4) for Chevrolet Corvette Z

10. Corvette Forum Member Blows Z06 Engine – A couple of weeks after the video of the Viper TA beating the Z06 hit the internet, Corvette suffered another tough blow with news that a Corvette Forum member’s engine had gone bad in a new Z06 with only 891 miles on the speedometer. However, looking ahead, there is a bright side: Now that the first year of production is over, Chevy will be working even more diligently to improve the new Z06 in 2015 to avoid repeating any of the bad news that tainted the car at the end of 2014.

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