Has the Popularity of the Corvette Reached Its Peak?

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Looks like sports cars sales are taking a turn for the worst, including sales of the beloved Corvette.

According to Automotive News, new Corvette sales are down 14 percent. But Corvette isn’t the only one. Sales for the Ford Mustang dipped 9 percent last month, prompting Ford to idle its Mustang plant for a week. And sales for the Chevy Camaro, the Mustang’s chief competitor, are down 11 percent. Even the luxury carmaker Porsche is seeing sales of its sports car slowing down.

Why? Well, apparently, “men born between 1946 and 1964, who buy most sports cars, are cruising past their peak spending years. And as age 70 beckons, folding up like an accordion to get into the front seat of a speedy roadster is hardly the prescription for an aching back…”

Hey, those are the words of Automotive News, not ours. Although, we figured the full quote would strike a chord here at Corvette Forum. Then there’s the reality that those “coveted millennial buyers,” which you hear so many carmakers raving over, don’t earn enough money yet to buy a $60,000 sports car like a Corvette.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s all just a phase the market is going through. But only time will tell.

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Via [Automotive News]

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