Is Premium Gas Necessary for Your Corvette?

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For years and years, people have debated whether or not a car really needs premium gasoline. Sports cars, racecars, and supercars all say they require the good stuff, and we as owners dutifully fill them up with the premium juice. However, when gasoline started trending upward, it got many an owner wondering whether or not they really needed to. So the question remains: is higher octane really necessary for those types of cars?

Yes, yes it is. In the video below, CBC News attempts to see if higher octane gas does anything, and comes to the conclusion that gas companies are ripping off consumers by saying premium is better. However, they fail to actually test performance cars like the Corvette, and strictly base their results on a Chevy Cruze. Normal cars don’t need premium, but performance cars definitely do.

Think of it this way, there’s a reason why race teams use race gas with higher octane levels. It allows the car to perform better in its performance functions. So what do you all think? Will you ever put regular in your performance cars?

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Via [CBC News]

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