What’s New This Week: Press Release Round Up

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum 

When you’re an editor of anything, you get massive amounts of press releases. It was true when I was writing about rock music, and now that I write about cars, it’s even more true. To make anything stand out of this unending torrent of media alerts, you have to work at it. So when I saw this subject line, I about lost it: ROBOTS WITH LASER EYES AND SUCTION CUP HANDS BOOST QUALITY OF LOUISVILLE ASSEMBLY PLANT AND THE ALL-NEW FORD ESCAPE. Seriously? That’s awesome. Dear Ford, you had me at “ROBOTS WITH LASER EYES.” Whoever wrote that should get a raise. But lots of other stuff happened this week. Here are the highlights.

* It’s smart to wear a helmet, but in the great state of Michigan, you don’t have to anymore. AAA isn’t happy about it. PR Newswire
* Every time I go to a car show, I’m reminded that gearheads actually do a lot of good. I got another reminder of that fact when I saw this release from Edelbrock announcing that they’re hosting a camp for kids with learning disabilities. Nice work gents. Edelbrock
* To me, Chevy’s Avalanche always looked a little funny, but it turned out to have a pretty good run. It’s the end of the line for the transforming pick up though. The General has announced it’ll stop production in 2013. Chevrolet
* Morgan & Philips make some pretty awesome gearhead-themed clothing, and they’re donating ten dollars from every purchase of this shirt to Drive Away Cancer. I’d buy one even if the money wasn’t going to charity. Check it out. Morgan and Philips 
* I don’t know about you, but I like buying things made in America. HRE makes their awesome wheels right here in the great state of California, which is just another reason they’re awesome. Check out how sweet their new P44SC and P47SC wheels look on a Ferrari 458 and a Ford GT. HRE Wheels
* While I was at SEMA’s Media Trade Conference a couple months back, Joe Gibbs Driven gave an interesting presentation’seriously, I’m not kidding?on their oil and its origins in giant windmills in Holland. Now they’ve released a new oil specifically designed for LS motors. It’s worth a look. Joe Gibbs Driven

John Coyle is a longtime auto journalist and editor who contributes to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among many other sites.

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