We Rendered a Mid-Engine Cadillac!

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Could Cadillac Get a Mid-Engine Supercar, and Could It Look This Amazing?

It is anything but a secret that GM is working on some sort of mid-engine halo car. What we don’t know is what badge that machine will wear. A large portion of us think it will be a new C8 Corvette, while others think it will be a Cadillac. Heck, it may be both. Just out of curiosity, though, we called up our favorite render artist, (the one who dreamed up that insane ZR1) and asked him to doodle up a set of images for what a new mid-engine Cadillac supercar would look like.

As expected, the results are amazing.

Pratyush Rout‘s render here makes use of a general Corvette nose and fender shape, but with the edges rounded slightly to more closely match the current Cadillac family design. The headlight design follows the same waterfall aesthetic found on new models like the CT6, but adds some smaller LED lamps like those on the Escala concept.

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Moving to the back, and we can see a lot more of that Escala design. The entire rear end was sculpted to match the flared and pointed design of the Escala, with attention to maintaining the proportions required of a mid-engine supercar. The way the elongated taillights from the concept have been adapted to the render is especially interesting.

As it will undoubtedly share technology and designs with the Corvette, we have the requisite quad exhaust out back.

The wheels on Rout’s render are based on the C7 Corvette wheels, but with deeper dishing and slightly shorter spoke arms. And can we just point out the attention to detail? Rout made sure the rubber on this machine is a set of P Zero Corsas, because Cadillac uses Pirelli for OEM tires on most of its machines. (Yes, we know the CTS-V and ATS-V use Michelin PSS, but Cadillac slaps Pirelli on most everything else.)

We still have no real information on what will be powering this car, when it will arrive, how much it will cost, or anything else really. We just know that it is coming, and we are all ecstatic about it.

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