#TBT: When Even a Tornado Couldn’t Beat a Corvette

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Sometimes we do a throwback to an event that didn’t happen that long ago, but if it’s in the past, it counts. So let’s do a little #TBT action to last summer, when several areas in the Midwest were devastated by tornadoes. In the town of Moore, Oklahoma, one Corvette owner came home after the storms to find his house demolished and his prized C5 Z06 destroyed. Thankfully there was no one in his house, and there were no injuries with particular incident, but the car was a total write-off. The interior was filled with debris and the body was mangled.

But this is a Corvette, and Corvettes don’t die without a fight. Despite looking like it had perhaps been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a week after rolling down a cliff, the car’s drivetrain was still mostly functioning, and they were able to get her to fire up. The video below is the proof that it takes more than a tornado to kill the might of the LS small block. One turn of the key, and the snap and burble of the Corvette comes to life. We even get a nice rev from the car.

I feel like a solid yell of “AMERICA!” is in order. Who’s with me?

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