The C3 Corvette Is the Most Beautiful Corvette of Them All

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C3 Corvette

Even though Corvette Forum members think the C3 is the second-best-looking Corvette among the seven generations, Corvette fans sometimes leave the C3 out of the mix when considering a new addition to their dream garage. Unless you’re talking about a high-output pre-1973 C3, the third-gen ‘Vette isn’t exactly a classic muscle car, and all C3 model years lack the performance characteristics (namely handling) you get from more modern iterations. Look at the quantum leap between the C3’s and C4’s handling. That’s arguably the most significant improvement Corvette history has ever seen. Thanks to the glory of restomodding, though, in 2015 you can make a C3 handle. It’s more of a challenge to make a C4 stop traffic and draw a crowd at car shows.

By this point, I’ve spewed many opinions, and made myself vulnerable to attack, but here’s where I up the ante: In my opinion, the C3 is the best-looking Corvette ever made.


That’s right folks — especially all you C2 fans — I’m going to defend the C3 Corvette and my position that it’s the prettiest Corvette out there. The lines that Chevy’s engineers and designers gave that car beat anything from its day and age. Because of that, it’s also a great platform to start a restomod project. The design is elegant, but under the hood there’s enough space to fit almost any motor you’d like.

I know many of you will disagree with me, and most likely will try to burn me in effigy as soon as you’re done ranting in the comment section. But come on, can you really say the C1, C2, C4, C5, C6 or C7 are better-looking cars without having to add an “except for” clause? Be honest.

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