What Car Would Make You Trade Your C6 Z06?

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C6 Corvette Z06

The 505 horsepower 7.0-liter V8 resting under the hood of the C6 Z06 is a magical piece of automotive art that turned the already impressive Corvette into a legitimate track monster. There are few cars in the world that feel the same way the C6Z does, so it occupies a very special space in the Corvette world. But what if you just wanted something else? What other cars out there are worthy of replacing the last-generation Z06?

Corvette Forum member Never-Enough posted that very same question up in the forum. He says he isn’t really ready to get rid of his Z, but he’s mostly just bored and curious about people’s thoughts. And to be honest, I am pretty interested as well.

I can think of a handful of machines that would scratch the same itch, but it’s nice to see what other people think too. From the first few pages of the thread, it’s obvious that most of you guys still want to stick with America. The Ford GT, C7 Z06, and Dodge Viper top the list for several people, and the Porsche 911 makes a strong showing as well.

But this thread is only six pages long, and I know that we can do better than that. So head over to the thread, read around a bit to see what other people thought, and then chime in with your personal list. And please don’t think of this as a list of things that are better than a Z06, because I sure don’t. I think of it as a list of things that are much more expensive and powerful, which the Z06 manges to pull equal with.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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