A Tribute to Super Cool Corvette Concepts

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The idea of a next-gen mid-engine Corvette has spawned a lot of buzz and therefore a lot of concepts, many of which we’ve covered here. But the mid-engine variety are far from the only concepts created, and it’s interesting to take a look back on some of the Corvette ideas that never made it into production.

Of course, there have been some that most Corvette fans are probably glad never saw the light of day. But after stumbling on a 2011 post from AMCAR Guide showcasing some concept ‘Vettes at the GM Heritage Center, it occurred to me that there have been a few that would have been super cool to see on the road, which I’ve featured in the gallery below.


Oh, and I guess this would be as good of a time as any to publicly state that among the mid-engine C8 renderings featured in our poll, I picked the one by TopSpeed.com. However, it appears that Motor Trends rendering is the favorite among most here at Corvette Forum.

But what is your favorite Corvette concept ever?

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Photos via [GM Heritage Center]

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