What Should You Do if You Curb Your C7 Corvette’s Wheel?

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It is unfortunate, but ultimately it is unavoidable.

You have your shiny new Corvette and you’re doing everything you can to take care of it. But one stray pothole or one oddly shaped curb in a bad position… and BAM! Your beautiful new wheels are scarred and you have some tire damage.

Corvette Forum goer 0v3rc10ck3d just ran into this very same problem with his new silver C7 and has reached out for advice on what to do next in an aptly titled thread called, “Well crap…now what?

While Corvette Forum has been full of helpful folks making suggestions, 0v3rc10ck3d started his thread with a simple presentation of possible solutions, and we decided to condense them into a nice poll here on the front page. Not only will it help him figure out what the consensus is on the proper way to remedy this problem, but it will serve as a nice little helper tool for anyone else who has the same issue later.

Now get to voting so we can help set 0v3rc10ck3d straight on how best to fix the problem.

What should you do with your damaged wheel and tire?

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