How-To Tuesday: C6 Corvette Complaints and Problems

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blue z06

I know there are NO complaints coming from all of you C6 owners out there, right? No one out there is upset or frustrated with your Corvette. Everything is perfect in Sixth Generationland. Right? Well, maybe not quite.

It’s fairly common knowledge that, regardless of the manufacturer, you’re generally told to avoid the first year run of a new vehicle, or something that has been nearly or completely redesigned. Well, the Corvette is not the exception to the rule. Unfortunately for General Motors, the flagship car is under the microscope more than basically everything else that they make. (I would argue that a close second would be the Silverado, but that’s a topic for another story.)

So what’s the biggest gripe of the C6 Corvette? If I told you right now, you wouldn’t check out this week’s How-To Tuesday article, now would you? Here’s the thing: you might be struggling or dealing with one of the main issues in the article right now. You may have already had a particular recall taken care of, even before you got your hands on your C6.

I will give you one hint of a major complaint discussed in the article. One of the biggest issues is a huge problem with the accelerator on the car, and it seems to be something that every C6 has had a problem with from time to time. The biggest shocker is that General Motors has largely ignored this issue, and with the C7, it has become even more of a problem. Let us know if you agree, and what other concerns you have had or seen with the C6.

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