How-To Tuesday: Reasons to Buy an Automatic Corvette

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Before you stop reading the article based solely on the headline, just know that while I do have a Corvette with an automatic transmission, I prefer a manual gearbox. Now, all that being said, you should probably buy an automatic. However, there really are solid reasons that can be made on a purchase of either option. Thankfully, the good people at Chevrolet have started making the Corvette SO GOOD, that the decision can be challenging.

This week’s How-To Tuesday article gives you some really great points of reference to walk down the automatic path towards clutch-less righteousness. This week’s article is incredibly detailed on why you should skip the manual transmission; so much so, that after reading the article I’m beginning to wonder why I’m so anti-auto in the Corvette. As I’ve thought through getting a new Corvette, my mind has always leaned towards the manual gear box. But this week’s article makes several really good points as to why you should stay away from the “standard” transmission.

c7 paddle shifters

One piece that the article doesn’t mention is the paddle shift option. This takes the Corvette to a whole new level. Paddle shifting has been available on higher-end European cars for some time, but only recently offered on the Corvette. Paired with the automatic transmission it can give the owner all of the benefits of the manual and automatic combined.

Now you really don’t know what to pick, do you? I suppose that if it were that easy everyone would make the “correct” decision all the time. So where do you stand on that clutch line? Is bumping through the gears that big of a deal for you? Or does the simplicity of the automatic drive you? Looking back, would you pick a different transmission on your car if given the chance?

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