More Mid-Engine Corvette C8 Zora Spy Shots Emerge

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Mid-Engine Corvette Spy Shot 2018

Latest mid-engine C8 Corvette details emerge, including new front end details, lights and grilles.

Now more than ever, we can see what the new mid-engine Corvette will actually look like thanks to these spy shots obtained by Road & Track.

Spotted in Europe, these two test mules from Corvette appear to be identical at first glance, but some of the details reveal them to be a bit different. Up front, there’s a now clearly visible main trapezoidal grille below each headlight, with another smaller grille just inward of the main openings. The section that separates those openings appears to be a significant accent or feature at the front, as it blends into a large splitter. We can’t assume anything about the lighting, however, as those appear to be temporary units.

Around back, things get more interesting. Though from the axle rearward both cars appear the same, it’s the rear window area that has us most interested. In some shots you can see one prototype with a fixed panel in place of the rear window, flanked on each side by vents, and on the other, a cloth type covering. Carefully looking at some of the most rearward portions of that engine cover reveal two different styles. No other portions of the top indicate that it could be a convertible, so our guess is testing two different engine covers. One being a glass hatch, the other, a flying buttress style.


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On both, however, you can spot an interesting feature: what appears to be a reward facing camera. If visibility were to be a concern, Chevrolet could borrow technology they already use in the C7.R Le Mans racer, which has a video screen in place of a rear view mirror.

It’s also interesting to note how subtle the rear aero elements are. There’s no large ZR1 type wing that’s been spotted as of yet, nor any extreme splitter that we know of. Combined with the use of regular steel rotors, this could be an indication that GM really plans on keeping the Corvette as an approachable, affordable sports car.

Mid-Engine Corvette Spy Shot 2018

We can’t wait for the next set of spy shots!

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