C6 Z06 vs. Viper TA (and Huracán and Supercharged Mustang)

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C6 Corvette Z06 vs Mustang vs Viper Home

The Dodge Viper TA is one of the greatest cars on the planet; however, we still didn’t expect it to outrun the new C7 Z06. But last month, the two American icons raced each other, and I’m sorry to say the Z06 got left in the dust by the mighty snake.

That loss left the Z06 wanting another stab at the “Best American Supercar” title. Alas, the new ‘Vette wasn’t ready in time for the Viper showdown below. Thankfully, the owner didn’t want to upset the audience, so they decided to bring a Huracán, a new supercharged Mustang, and the previous-generation Corvette Z06 to have some fun with the Viper.

I won’t spoil the ending, but the results are kind-of confounding; meaning, they really shouldn’t have played out that way. But then again, real-world physics vs. the theoretical physics that are cars spec sheets aren’t the same. These races aren’t exactly “legal” per se, but they are worth a watch.

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