Worn Wire Loom Behind Battery Tray

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While replacing the battery in a \’92 I noticed that the large harness
that runs behind the battery tray had the wire loom worn off by rubbing
against the rear of the battery tray – this tray has a lip that is rather
Before any wires were frayed, I decided to repair the wrap –
but instead of using
the same wire loom, I installed a section of
5/8\” radiator hose; split the hose down the middle with a utility knife,
removed the old/damaged wire loom (about 10\”) and wrapped the wires
inside the section of hose, tie-wrapped both ends and replaced the harness
down behind the battery tray.
This not only provides greater
protection for the wires (and looks good, too) but also protects against
water damage. If you notice, directly above this area, is the rubber
hose/drain for the windshield and wiper area. This drain should have been
made longer by GM but instead it drains directly on these
Intalling the hose instead of the loom protects the wires
from wear and provides a great degree of water protection at the same

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