Z06 Power Antenna Install

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Just installed the
antenna two days ago. Get the GM power antenna, and bracket(order mine
from Fichtner). Also need two screws to attach the bracket to the bottom
of the antenna. The rear two tail lights need to be removed. Very simple
The fixed comes out after disconnecting the signal
coaxial wire at the inside right rear connection, and two grounding
straps. The power for the antenna is more complex. The antenna has four
wires to connect: 1 is the coaxial RF signal wire which is already
available; 2 the three wire connector from the antenna has an orange-12v
constant, black-ground, and pink-12v via radio on/off. I used the orange
and black at the accessory wires near the fuse box under the kick panel on
the passenger side. This was also used for the Valentine 1 connection.
The pink needs to be connected to the radio on/off. This may be
available from behind the radio, but I used the Bose signal processor,
which is located on the drivers side above the gas pedal….silver box
with two plugs. The plug you want, plugs straight up into the Bose box.
Pull this plug out and it has two rows of wires. You want the green, A8,
wire. This is the 12v on/off with radio. I spliced into the this wire and
ran a wire around and under the console near ash tray and over to the
right side passenger floor to connect to the three wire that I ran from
the antenna to the front right passenger floor accessory connection. This
green wire connects to the pink. That will do it.
To add some
confusion, I added a 12vdc rocker switch with a lamp at the console to:
1. Normally on, this will allow the antenna to rise and fall with
the radio switch even when only playing CDs.
2. Off with this
switch and the radio switch(green wire which goes throught the switch)
will not allow the antenna to rise…switch off). This allows the CD
player to be used and the antenna to be down.
Without the switch,
the antenna is always up even when playing the CD only. The switch is
Radio Shack no. 275-712 Lighted SPST Rocker Switch… ~$3.00
spliced into the three wires going to the antenna on the passenger side,
and ran three wires to the switch:
1, from the accessory (green or
pink wire) to the power lead on switch;
2, load the wire going back
to the three wire green or pink wire that was cut; and
3, the
black or ground wire for the lamp obtained by splicing into the black
ground wire in the three wire going to the antenna. Whew, it took a while
to find the green/pink wire needed. All this was done while the car was
interior was removed for Dynamat Super install.

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