2005 Chevrolet C6 Corvette: LS2 Engine, Performance, and Features

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The basic engine in the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette was the LS2 V-8, similar to the LS6 motor that was used until 2004 but with increased performance functions. The LS2 had improved “breathing” for both intake and exhaust manifolds, the engine had better cam lift, and it had a higher compression ratio (10.9 to 1 versus 10.1 to 1). Although the LS2 used the same “243” heads as the LS6, it had a bigger bored-out displacement (364 cubic inches or 5.9 L, versus 364 cubic inches or 5.7 L), with the resulting more torque (400 lb. ft. or 542 N•m versus 385 lb. ft. [522 N-m]), and more horsepower (400 versus 385).

The sixth generation C6 Corvette was much more a product of
computer-aided design than its predecessors. Computers and electronic
gear also were much more prominent than previous models. These included
options like your choice of an OnStar or DVD-based navigation system,
and satellite radio. A new keyless access system eliminated the
conventional method to open doors. The 2005 Corvette came with a
standard four-speed automatic transmission with a six-speed manual as
an option.

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