These are the 2016 C7 Corvette’s New Wheels

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Are you looking to pick up a new C7, but you are worried about what kind of visual changes are coming for the 2016 year? Our good buddy, Mike Furman, has come through with an upload of the new dealer brochure so we can get a look at all the new bits, colors, and options. But the wheels are what really stand out. We still have the same basic Z51 and Z06 wheels, but we have a new stock C7 wheel and new super-sexy 10-spoke blade wheels for Z06 models.

The new “blade” wheels are easily my favorite, but they do look a bit like the Rays alloys you get on the new 370Z and Q50S, so that may turn some buyers off. If you like the new wheels, but want something just a touch different, some special edition models for 2016 are getting some slightly different variations. The new C7.R package comes with black wheels that have a yellow trim ring, and you can also get black wheels with red trim for the “Jet Black Suede Design Package” cars.

You can find the full brochure and the thoughts of our various Corvette Forum members over in the main thread, but I cut these photos out of that brochure so you could get a good look at just the wheels.


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