What Do You Think of This Custom Split-Window C6 Corvette?

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We love all things Corvette here on Corvette Forum. Every detail, every mod, every terrible Hawaiian shirt. However, there are times that unwavering love comes into question, like when a new custom Corvette comes out and has us asking, “What did they do?!”

That’s one question we have for you today. But we also want to know what you think of this custom C6 Corvette. As you can see, it’s been stylized to resemble a split-window Corvette, while keeping all the modern amenities that make the C6 Corvette so good in the first place. The company that built this Corvette is called Karl Kustom Corvettes, and they are based in Iowa.

Before you answer either “Yes, it’s a gorgeous car,” or “No, it’s a damn monstrosity that’s burning my retinas,” know that these cars cost anywhere from $110,000 to $170,000. So now that you know that, what do you all think about this custom Corvette? Sound off in the discussion below.

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