What Is the Dumbest Thing You’ve Done in Your Corvette?

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We’ve all done really, really dumb things back in the day. I know I’ve gone stupidly fast, stupidly sideways, and done stupid things that allegedly should have put me in jail. Again, so it’s clear, allegedly. Personally, I’ve allegedly drifted a press car until the tires were completely gone. I’ve also rocketed almost 200 miles per hour down a desert road. But as we get into the season of winter drifting, I got to wondering, what is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in a car?


Answers can include late night proclivities, drifting, eating, going fast, or building something that is completely undriveable, except perhaps by Sir Stirling Moss. So let’s hear it, what are the worst things you’ve done in your Corvettes? And remember to add allegedly, because none of us need any more heat than we already get from our straight piped V8 howlers.

We can’t wait to read these!

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