Sizzlin’ Hot Corvette ZR1 Runs 9s

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Not all Corvettes are created equal. The ZR1 in particular stands out as being one of the most powerful Corvettes around. But for those of us with a bit of an addiction, we need more. A fine example of more is this Lethal Performance ZR1.

As you can see in the High Tech Corvette video below, a day at the strip shows that too much is never enough. Except, perhaps, when trying to get a clean launch. Launching a C6 ZR1 isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when it’s built by Lethal Performance and packs 1000+ hp. And the relatively low profile drag radials aren’t really helping the cause much either.

After a few squiggly attempts in the 10s, and figuring out exactly which launch technique works best (while avoiding the evils of wheel-spin) a few clean launches were able to put the Chevy deep into 9-second territory, with the fastest being a 9.3 @ 157mph. An 8-second run is not at all out of the question, all that’s left to answer is how to get a more solid launch.

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Via [High Tech Corvette]

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