Should You Add ‘Auto-Blip’ to Your Manual Corvette?

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C5 and C6 Corvettes can be transformed with Auto-Blip, a little black box of driving magic.

Many of us are fans of manual transmissions, and have driven them for years on end without a problem. But how many of us have actually mastered the art of proper heel-toe downshifting? Not all of us, that’s for sure. Rev-match assist on the C7 has made that ballet one less thing to worry about, but not all of us have a C7. Thats where AUTO-BLiP comes in. Corvettes of the C5 and C6 variety can add this little gadget to their ride, and get nearly the exact same type of throttle blip upon downshifting as the C7 Corvette offers.

Of course, there’s a lot of questions when it comes to something like AUTO-BLiP: Can it be adjusted? How easy is it to install? Can you turn it off for daily traffic? Yes, yes, and yes, actually.

Forum member seamus2154 noted “I have had it on my C6Z for 2 years and it is the best mod I have done. Flawless.”

Another forum member, Mordeth noted on his C6 Corvette; “I just installed one on my C6Z that sees the track. Some of my install notes are in the C6Z section. It works very, very well so far under street testing and does exactly what it says it does once calibrated. It has adjustments to control the delay of the blip as well as how much it blips. Also, the owner will interact with you directly to ensure a smooth install. I emailed him a few times with questions and he emailed me back within 24 hours.”


Overall, we can think of a number of advantages for this, even if you’re the type that’s on the fence about letting a box of electric wizardry do your downshift rev-match for you. For one, AUTO-BLiP can adjust for the duration and how much blip actually takes place, and on track, it makes for better shifts and frees up brain power for other important driving tasks. And, if you really wanted you can turn it off and go back to doing your own throttle blips. Best of both worlds!

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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