Which Option Would You Add to a C7 Corvette?

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This is the kind of stuff I love to see on our forums. Take a fun idea, let it run wild, and see where it goes. This is the feedback that GM actually creeps on to make sure its next car is better than ever. I’m talking about the thread that billythekid310 started about what options you all would like to see on your C7s. Things that don’t come from the factory. There are lots of posts about parking sensors, a nose-mounted camera, electric hatch operation, and sound deadening.

What the hell is wrong with you guys?

You were asked to share the one thing you would add to your Corvette. You could make it anything in the world. Dream big, dammit. Why not a full racing package that adds slicks, a roll cage, and 50 more horsepower? What about a luxury trim option that adds quilted leather and a champagne cooler like what you’d find in a Rolls-Royce? Why not go bonkers and ask for James Bond mods, like a smokescreen and rocket headlights? What about an ejector seat for someone who tries to sneak food into your car? While we’re at it, why not a KERS hybrid system like the one in the Ferrari LaFerrari to give a 200-hp boost at the track and help fuel economy on the road?


While the practical things you want make for a very good post, and we need those for the C8 to get even better, I want to see the wildest, most fantastical things you can think of. Blow my mind with your imagination.

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