Are Corvette Owners Soft?

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The short answer is no, but a recent post on the Forum leaves us wondering. User Larry/car recently posted that his 1995 C4 was close to
turning 10,000 miles and he doesn’t know what to do. In fairness, this is
Larry’s secondary Vette (yeah, he’s got another one). But still, why do we buy
these cars? Presumably to drive and enjoy. Yet, we can’t help but notice a
minority that buy Corvettes to polish, stare at, and leave to their
next-of-kin. It’s your dime, go ahead.

But wouldn’t that next-of-kin appreciate a car that had actually been driven, maybe even raced? Aren’t the stories and adventures worth something? Maybe we’re just romantics who think experiences have value, but we believe that strapping in, turning the key and putting the pedal down matter. After all, you could buy most any car; pardon the cliche but you bought the ticket, take the ride. Thoughts?

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