C3 Corvette Hatchback with Eckler’s Hatchback is a Steal

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1973 Chevrolet Corvette Ecklers

Forget about the Callaway AeroWagen. For fanatics looking for a Corvette with a hatch, this C3 by Ecklers fits the bill.

The Callaway AeroWagen package for the C7 Corvette has won the hearts of sports car fanatics and shooting brake enthusiasts alike. The attachment not only makes the C7 Corvette look like a classic sports car, but it also gives the vehicle an added dose of usability. Long before Callaway introduced the AeroWagen, an aftermarket tuner called Eckler’s created a hatchback version of the C3 Corvette. One recently sold on eBay for a ridiculously low price.

1973 Chevrolet Corvette Ecklers

Corvette Blogger found this 1973 Corvette, and boy is it a looker. The C3 is wearing Eckler’s hatchback conversion kit, which, as the listing claims, was a huge hit with various outlets back in the day. Road & Track, for instance, said, “there has been an amazing proliferation of small cars with backs that open for loading. Well, now Corvette owners can join in the fun. Thanks, Eckler’s.” While 1973 Corvettes came from the factory with plenty of performance, Eckler’s kit addressed the problem of usability.

This Corvette features a stunning black-on-gray paint job that looks extremely good for its age. In fact, the entire vehicle looks good for its age. This is because the Corvette has reportedly gone through a frame-off restoration that the seller claims cost $60,000.

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And the 383 cubic inch engine can propel the car down the quarter mile in just 9.5 seconds. If that figure isn’t impressive, the seller claims that he or she has $18,000 in receipts to back up the claims. As the seller puts it, this ‘Vette “is a no joke grab you by the seat of your pants car.”
1973 Chevrolet Corvette Ecklers

While the engine is more than enough to have someone place a bid on the vehicle, the most interesting part of the machine is its rear hatch. As Corvette Blogger points out, the double-latched hatchback door can be operated via the under dash compartment on the driver’s side. The door itself is weather sealed and has tempered, tinted safety glass with stainless steel moldings. In addition to giving the C3 Corvette the ability to hold enough cargo for a weekend trip, it also gives it a more exotic look.

1973 Chevrolet Corvette Ecklers

There’s no way to confirm how many C3 Corvettes were fitted with Eckler’s hatch kit, which makes this machine a rare beast. And while we expected something this rare and powerful to go for at least $20,000, the winning bidder paid just $7,650. Wow, that’s a honking good deal and proof that unicorns are still out there.

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