Tech Tuesday: C6 Key Fob Lock Out

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2008+ Lock Out
Is your battery dead? Don’t know what to do? Read on…

Your key fob contains a traditional key inside it. To get it out of the key fob press down on the button circled in the photo below, while pulling the silver top out. If there is a lot of resistance, depress the button with pliers.


If you want to change the fob’s battery pull the key out and then separate the two halves as shown



If however, you’re still locked out and saying, “Thanks smart guy, but where do I put this?” Just look below.



Stick it where it says key slot, which will pop the hatch. No, you don’t have to crawl through it, inside the hatch there is a pull-tab on the left that manually opens the driver’s door. Here’s the original thread, thanks to all who contributed– it also has helpful tips on preventing rust on your nuclear missiles.

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