C6 Z06 Cold Start Poses an Interesting Question

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Modern cars like the C6 Z06 are designed to start up easily in frigid temps. So why are people so fascinated with these videos?

In recent years, few YouTube trends have caught the attention of folks like cold start videos. For whatever reason, we just can’t get enough of hearing the results of folks starting their various vehicles in sub-zero temperatures. But why, exactly, are these videos so popular? It’s a question that we, along with YouTuber Gearhead Daily, have been asking ourselves. Except he went out and, well, made a video to pose the question. While performing a cold start with his C6 Z06 Corvette.

At least we can truly call this a cold start, as it takes place in -4 degree temps in frigid Minnesota. Which, as the video’s host correctly points out, is called “Wednesday” in the bold north. And yet, the C6 Z06 roars to life without much drama. The entire time, our host wonders aloud why people spend hours of their lives watching similar clips across the web.

C6 Z06

Granted, we’ve seen much stranger obsessions spring up as a result of the Internet. You know, like “unboxing” toy videos and a bunch of stuff we can’t mention here. But hey, some people love the sustained high revving situation that occurs as the engine desperately tries to get itself up to temp. Or maybe they enjoy the drama of listening to the engine struggle to crank (which, in this case, it does not). Who knows?

Yet others enjoy watching old clunkers roar back to life in cold temps. And those videos make perhaps the most sense. Every gearhead worth their salt loves to see a non-running vehicle brought back to life, after all. But a well-maintained modern vehicle should start in virtually every climate. Heck, they’re designed to do just that. So we want to know – do you enjoy cold start videos? And, more importantly, why? Let us know in the comments below!

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Corvette Forum, Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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