C7 Corvette Z06 Exhaust Sound Comparison: NPP vs Magnaflow

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If you’re on the fence about exhaust options for your C7 Corvette Z06, this short clip should settle it immediately.

Like many other flavors in life, everyone has their own opinion on exhaust notes. And figuring out which one we like the best hasn’t always been so easy. In ancient times, we were actually forced to take people’s words for it or find another car just like ours fitted with “X” exhaust. But today, the wonders of the internet make choosing the right pipes a cinch. Just take this C7 Corvette Z06 video from YouTuber Sonic Z06, for example.

If your C7 Corvette Z06 just so happens to have the factory NPP exhaust, you might just wonder if an upgrade is worth it. And, well, this clip gives you a direct comparison to base that decision off of. With one caveat, of course. This particular car is already fitted with a Borla off-road x-pipe, so it already has some aural enhancements. Otherwise, it’s all stock Corvette sound.

The differences between the before and after, when this C7 Corvette Z06 is fitted with a Magnaflow Competition axle back setup, are obvious from the start. Upon startup, the NPP pipes exhibit a much higher-pitched note. Not necessarily a bad thing, but also not exactly what you’d expect from an American V8. Likewise, revving the car’s LS produces some “braaap” that sounds kinda like a foreign six-banger.

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Startup post-Magnaflow is much, much better. It rips off a deep, guttural noise good enough to scare the neighbors. Idle is similarly masculine, and hitting the go-fast pedal produces a more pleasing result. It’s more than enough to sell us on the merits of an exhaust swap. Not to mention forgo the NPP factory setup from the get go!

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