Does the C7 Corvette’s Bose Stereo Suck?

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With the price you pay for a Corvette, you should expect everything to be of the highest quality. Nice leather on the interior, tight panel gaps, and the best technology. You also expect to have a great stereo. Chevy drops a Bose-branded audio system with a big pile of speakers inside the C7, but there have been lots of complaints about its quality. The latest thread I read complaining about the stereo, started by 05XLRtoC7_San Diego, is titled, “Horrible Bose stereo – is there anything we can do?“.  Obviously, he is pretty unhappy about his stereo and wants to know what can be done to fix it.

And this where things get weird for me. I think the stereo sounds pretty bad myself, but instead of getting help on how to make his car audio sound better, there were a lot of people saying they enjoyed the stereo and didn’t understand what was wrong.

So let’s do one of our fancy, totally scientific, polls. If you have experience with the Bose stereo in the C7, let us know what you think about it. Maybe we can figure out just how big of a problem this is. And of course, please feel free to hit up the thread to discuss your feelings as well.

Does your Bose Stereo sound good?

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