C8 Lineup Could Really Include a Mid-Engine Corvette

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2016 Chevrolet Corvette C8 ZR1-by-Tom-Matsumoto

I’m betting just about everyone on the planet will be buzzing about this over the weekend.

Yup, after years of making its way around the rumor mill, it appears GM might actually be revving up to make a mid-engine Corvette, according to a Motor Trend report.

The trusted news source is reporting that a number of GM insiders have confirmed that the engine could be migrating from that front bay to a more centered spot in the next-gen ZR1 with a look similar to the rendering above.

Fueling more talk around the topic, Motor Trend also speculates that Chevy might launch a family of Corvettes in the future with the more affordable Stingray being positioned as an entry-level model, and a top-tier middle-engine model bearing the coveted Zora badge.

Risky? Maybe, but then again, maybe not in the push to give the Corvette more global appeal.

With the C7, the Corvette has now moved into the circle of conversation among high-powered exotics. The addition of a mid-engine model could raise the stakes even more.

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