Do You Drive Your Corvette in the Snow?

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snow corvette

A Corvette Forum Member Recently Found Himself in a Compromising Position After a Surprise Snowfall

Corvette enthusiasts in the snowbelt have it rough. In addition to the cold and snow, Corvette owners in these climates get far less time to enjoy their toys each year. Due to the difficult driving conditions imposed by snow and the ravages of road salt, most Corvette owners bundle their cars up in the garage — usually under a nice car cover, hooked up to a battery charger. Then they wait patiently for warmer temperatures and dry, salt-free roads.

snow corvette

Corvette owners are notoriously protective, and many won’t even let their cars see rain. However, a freak snowstorm caught Corvette Forum member DPC57 by surprise. He posted a picture of his┬áC6 Corvette outside, under a blanket of snow, with icicles already forming under his rocker panels.

The photo was posted with a humorous title too: “Will this get me banned?” Member rsparks64 responded first, saying, “Someone should report you to Child Protective Services.” While some members gave DPC57 a healthy ribbing, a few even copped to driving their own Corvettes in the snow!

snow corvette

If you are planning to drive your Corvette in the snow, a good set of dedicated snow tires isn’t just a strong recommendation, it’s a requirement. Summer-only rubber underneath a powerful rear-wheel drive car is a surefire recipe for a trip into the nearest ditch, tree, or curb — or worse.

Also, if you drive an older Corvette, be sure to leave your headlights in the “up” position. Frozen mechanisms will leave you with no headlights, and trying to open and close them could result in costly repairs.

snow corvette

While the body of your Corvette is fiberglass, the frame, suspension, and assorted hardware can be adversely affected by road salt. This can allow the ravages of rust to overtake your beloved Corvette. Consider an application of a rust preventative on the underside of your car before winter driving.

Thankfully, according to DPC57, all the snow melted soon, as the next day’s temperatures topped 60 degrees.

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