How-To Tuesday: Corvette Front Splash Guards

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Splash Guards Are the First Line of Defense When It Comes to Keeping Your Corvette’s Paint Shiny and New

If there is one thing that binds pretty much all generations of Corvette owners together, it’s likely the desire to keep its paint clean and free of damage. Some things you simply can’t avoid, like a rock kicking up on the highway and hitting the car. But some items you can do your best to help prevent. Which is where splash guards come in.

Over the years, splash guards have gotten better and better. I have them on my C4, and they look okay. At this point I’ll never take them off. With the improvement in design, not only has the installation become easier, but the functionality and looks have as well. This week’s How-To Tuesday article¬†illustrates the step-by-step process of installing a pair of splash guards on the front of your Corvette.


From the carbon fiber look on the ZO6 above, to a more toned down look, there are many different splash guard options out there. My C4 has some older, solid plastic types. They not only bolt in to the wheel well, but also land on the car itself, unfortunately. Over the years they have faded a bit. But I won’t ever take them off. Because they’ve likely scratched the paint where they “land,” and also because of the paint fade difference.

In the end, are splash guards worth the price? It depends on where you are driving, the type of roads you are driving on, and the look you are trying to achieve. I’m a balance guy, so I would likely put them on all four wheels. But everyone has different opinions. In the end, are you aiming for a particular look? Or are you more interested in the practicality of the product? You’re probably going to win either way.

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