Which Corvette Generation Was Your First?

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Kid in Classic C1 Corvette

Your first Corvette is always going to be special.

You all had to start somewhere. Every Corvette fan has that base point of affection; the moment when you fell in love with America’s sports car. That love grows and blossoms, and eventually you end up with your very own Corvette. The first Corvette is rarely the last, but it’s quite often the one remembered the fondest.

1976 C3 Corvette

Member L8ter started a thread over in the C7 forum asking how many people’s first Corvette was the latest-generation machine. But of course, it set us to thinking about all first Corvettes, and we wondered which generation has the most “first-timers.”

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So, like we usually do when we want to gather intel, we are bringing you a poll. Listed below you will find every generation of Corvette.. Pick out the generation you owned first.

When you’re done with that, be sure to head over to the thread and drop a bit more info about your Corvette history. The thread is already full of some great stories about first rides, first buys, and generations-worth of Corvette ownership. There are some pretty great pictures scattered about as well.

In the main thread, there’s a surprising amount of first-time Corvette buyers leaping into the C7. Let’s show them how deep the Corvette love affair really runs. Let’s welcome them into the family and encourage their budding love affair with the sports car that defines American exceptionalism. Maybe some of our stories and photos of older Corvettes will inspire them to pick up a classic ‘Vette as well.

Which Corvette generation did you own first?

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